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Bestie Bro Apple Airtag Wallet

Bestie Bro Apple Airtag Wallet

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Discover a brand-new wallet experience with the Bestie Bro Apple Airtag Wallet. Featuring an elegant design constructed from a high-grade aluminum alloy box and high-grade PU leather, this wallet will provide exceptional security and protection for your cards and cash. The ultra-thin design allows it to easily fit in your pocket, allowing for convenient carrying wherever you go.

The ergonomic design of this wallet makes it easy to store up to 8 cards and provides effortless accessibility with just the press of one finger. Our unique slide PU leather wallet provides full support to the Apple AirTag while providing maximum blockage so that your personal information remains safe from thieves' scanning equipment. It also has strong magnets that ensure a secure closure every time – no more worrying about your cards falling out!

Note: This is a card pack, so you can also install your Apple Airtag -- Airtag is not included.

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