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Dogs Bestie 3-in-1 Water Bottle

Dogs Bestie 3-in-1 Water Bottle

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The Dogs Bestie 3-in-1 Water Bottle is the perfect solution for your next Bestie adventure. This innovative all-in-one bottle eliminates the need to overpack and clutter your bag. Perfect for the park, walks, beach, or any other outdoor activities, this 3-in-1 water bottle holds 300 or 500ml of water (500mL recommended for larger dogs), a cup dispenser, removable food or treats bowl, waste scooper attached to the side, and a convenient lanyard for easy carrying. With a leak-proof design and lock button, water won’t spill when you accidentally bump it, and the waste bag storage can easily be refilled. The Dogs Bestie 3-in-1 Water Bottle is made of high-grade ABS plastic, which ensures its durability for many useable years.



Package Includes:

 1* drain rack + 50 storage bags, 

1* suction cup bottom

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